June 6, 2023

best selling electronics

No matter if you are an ecommerce merchant or looking to resell electronics, knowing which products sell best can help maximize profits and ensure maximum return.

Smartphones, smartwatches and gaming consoles are among the most cherished electronic gadgets worldwide. Television streaming devices and smart home products also rank highly.


Smartphones (also referred to as mobile phones) are one of the world’s most beloved electronics, owned by 97% of consumers worldwide.

Smartphones offer businesses a versatile tool for staying in contact with customers, employees and other stakeholders – not only can they make calls but they can also send and receive text messages, access personal email accounts, play music and keep track of calendars and contacts. Businesses can utilize smartphones as an indispensable way of staying in touch with these key audiences.

There are various smartphone models on the market, all featuring similar characteristics like high-resolution displays, WiFi connectivity and Web browsing abilities.


Tablets offer an ideal way to take a portable computer anywhere with you, providing many of the same functions as laptops but with smaller screens and less weight.

Tablets can be used for an assortment of tasks, from browsing the web and reading books, to listening to music or playing video games, as well as being an invaluable tool for digital artists who use tablets for on-the-go sketching and painting.

Target offers an assortment of tablets designed to fit every need imaginable – from e-readers and kids tablets, to powerful work devices – making sure there are something suitable for every taste and preference.


Smartwatches have quickly become one of the fastest-growing electronic devices worldwide, boasting ownership by 18.9% of people globally and ranking fourth among this year’s best selling electronics list.

Timers and answering devices that take voicemail messages can serve many functions, from telling the time to receiving voice messages (some devices even double as phones). Some models specialize in specific sports.

An increasing number of devices are designed to assist people in managing their health, too. Some include heart rate monitors and pedometers while others track sleep patterns and body composition.

Smartwatches equipped with NFC chips can make mobile payments, too. Apple and Samsung offer Apple Pay on all their watches while Wear OS supports Google’s payment system.

Games Consoles & Television Streaming Devices

Video game consoles and television streaming devices are some of the top selling electronics available on the market, enabling users to stream movies, TV shows, music, and other forms of content directly into their living rooms.

Although popular, these devices can often be hard to come by due to scalpers buying up available stock at a steep markup and reselling them at higher prices.

Video game consoles can also be significant energy drains; recent reports estimate they consume 10-25x more power than streaming devices and should therefore not be considered suitable in households looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Feature Phones & Virtual Reality Devices

Virtual reality devices allow users to interact with a three-dimensional, simulated environment. These systems feature head-mounted displays (HMDs) and controllers which help users “touch” virtual objects.

VR devices range from simple handheld headsets that use smartphone screens, to more complex mobile headsets that transform phones into VR headsets. Most Android and iOS smartphones support VR capabilities; however, not all perform optimally when used for this purpose.

Virtual reality devices have gained increasing popularity despite their limitations, with applications across a variety of industries including sports training and education, entertainment and more. Virtual reality devices are among the fastest-growing electronic devices owned by 7.7% of consumers globally – numbers likely to continue increasing as technology improves further.