March 26, 2023

Huawei has officially introduced a new solution as Kunpeng high-performance computing technology. The revelation of this solution took place at the recently held 2022 Wuhan High-Performance Computing Conference in China .

According to the latest information, this particular top-quality solution is uprooted over the full stack program of Kunpeng . Ultimately, it covers all the essential equipment and facilities of the technology. For instance, hardware, basic software, application optimizations , and other capabilities. As a result, the solution efficiently delivers high-performance computing products.

Showcasing the benefits of the particular new Kunpeng computing answer, Huawei also kept its ideas related to the technologies and innovation that this will implement within the time ahead. Consequently, the Chinese manufacturer conveyed the following thoughts:

“We will focus on technological innovation associated with computing roots. Further, we will provide ‘Kunpeng + Ascend’ diversified processing power. Kunpeng computing industry is building a full-stack independent innovation computing infrastructure. Through the four core strategies of equipment open source, software open source, enabling partners, and developing talents, we work with partners and developers to serve various application scenarios for enterprises. ”


Promoting the particular growth of computing industries and ecological sectors, Kunpeng and Ascend are trying to build up an ecosystem of 4700 partners. This will eventually help in the development of more than 12, 000 industry solutions .

Huawei Kunpeng computing solution

First Fully Liquid-Cooled Cabinet

At the same conference, Changjiang Processing cooperation released its first fully liquid-cooled cabinet for the Kunpeng data center. The tech arrives on the particular platform with the term Yangtze Computing Acceler 5000 PoD. Alternatively, this product increases scientific computing, cloud rendering, a compilation associated with huge information, along with other heavy computing power scenarios.

Comparatively, this new Acceler offers 2 times energy efficiency plus supports full liquid cooling mechanisms. As a result, it solves the pain points of traditional data center construction because well since the difficult heat dissipation. Besides, it also serves as a massive aid for that green build users and energy-saving large data clusters.

Undoubtedly, these newly arrived solutions will pay the grant contribution to the processing power network of the country and will elevate digitalization in order to a brand new stage.


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