March 26, 2023

The future applications of tech will shape lives, businesses, experiences, and more. Organisations cannot resist change — very few will have not felt the weight of transformation forced on them by the last two years.

Trends and emerging technologies need to be on your radar now in order to ensure the particular infrastructure you are specifying today will be sustainable. However , while electronic innovations enable improvements, they break patterns and disrupt workforces, and it can be both exhausting and daunting to make sense of the noise.

From buzzwords to business outcomes

How can buzzwords be made into something cohesive, coherent, and conservational? The challenge associated with innovating responsibly while permitting essential disruption is pervasive, but Smarter Technology for the Next Reality , the latest keynote series from Lenovo, Nutanix, and Intel offers insight into this space.

The next talk will certainly be through Linda Grasso, DeltalogiX CEO and tech influencer, who will explore why the synergy between technology and sustainability is paramount in her keynote on Tuesday 19 th July, 1pm BST.

She reveals how companies can focus upon enabling efficiency for their workforce alongside creating value and improving customer experience. Establishing this is dependent on not only technology, but strategy plus culture too. Innovating sensibly to ensure a sustainable future also rests on this fusion.

Grasso may discuss the reason why hyper-converged infrastructure is a compelling step towards achieving a lasting future and why we must all work together to facilitate it. Digital technology innovation must be human led she argues. After all, is innovation worth anything if it does not really ensure the sustainable long term?

Tune into the upcoming keynote series to uncover societal plus technology trends. Learn how smart organisations may unlock IoT use cases and use technology in order to innovate sustainably. As well as having access to the presentations, you’ll also unlock additional content.

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