March 26, 2023

OFFICIA L S of the PLDT group and technology company Cisco Systems, Inc. have called on business organizations to make digital transformation a priority in adapting to the so-called new normal.

“With today’s ever-changing business landscape, enterprises are seeing the need to adapt because consumers are usually changing the way they consume products and services: they want goods and solutions delivered within a convenient, timely, plus secure manner, ” ePLDT President and Chief Executive Officer Victor S. Genuino said in a statement.

Businesses should realize that to adapt to the brand new normal, these people should transform as well, said Mr. Genuino, who heads the particular information plus communications technology of telecommunications company PLDT Inc.

Meanwhile, Simon Rizkallah, head of Cisco’s AppDynamics for Asia-Pacific, Japan and China, said companies must always put the end user in mind.

“We also understand that electronic transformation really occurs with the service provider, ” he said, as he commended PLDT for managing during the pandemic “to live up to the level that customers were looking for plus enable people to operate their businesses, for people to work from home, and with regard to kids to continue their own education through e-learning. ”

Mr. Rizkallah added that digital transformation is still evolving from automation in order to sustainability in smart infrastructure and data security.

“For us at Cisco, the Environmental, Social, and Governance requirement is top associated with mind. So, everything that’s going to come out through Cisco moving forward is going to be focused on power and how we can become greener for the environment, ” this individual said.

According to Mister. Rizkallah, Cisco is keeping security at the top of its priorities.

“We’ve seen hacks across the globe and power utilities, so , [for us and service providers] how do we protect this critical infrastructure as it becomes digital? ” he or she added. — Justine Irish D. Tabile

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