March 26, 2023
(L-R) Jackie Lau and Peter Yagecic of Scenario Group (Photo credit: Courtesy of Situation)

Broadway Information has learned exclusively that Situation Group, a leading digital-marketing agency in the Broadway space, has launched a new business initiative called The Hatch Program .  

Billed by Circumstance as “transformation as the service, ” Hatch will offer services such as technical solutions, user experience discovery, ticketing innovations, user testing, AI technology, fintech plus blockchain integration and the creation of virtual communities and events for clients.

The Emerge program evolved out of conversations within the company aimed toward dedicating time and resources specifically to innovate. Situation’s vice president associated with innovation Peter Yagecic said the idea for the program developed as a response to an ongoing need to “figure out how we can intentionally find a protective bubble for thinking about the particular bigger picture plus ensure that our clients can continue to make an impact when they’re not dealing with the day-to-day fires that are constantly clamoring for attention. ”

Situation Group currently consists of three branches: 1) Scenario Interactive, dedicated to live events and arts plus entertainment — with Broadway clients like “Wicked” and the not-for-profit Roundabout Theatre Company; 2) Town Hall, focused on education and nonprofit customers; and 3) the Studio at Circumstance, which houses design, technologies, project management and other departments that will serve the full company. “I define the studio as a little bit of the Ghost Kitchen of the Situation group, ” says Yagecic. “It is really the powerhouse that creates great work for any entity within our verticals. ” 

The idea behind Hatch was in order to create the team within the organization specifically committed to ideating long-term strategy with regard to clients as well because keeping up with the particular latest technology, trends and more.  

Without a dedicated team, many individuals at Situation might have dipped their toes into research about, say, a new technologies, but “it’s very easy to be a mile wide and an inch deep, ” stated Yagecic. Through Hatch, Situation is prioritizing a depth of knowledge; they aim to be the source of insight into innovation in other industries in order to apply those tactics original to Broadway marketing.

In this context, Hatch will serve as a discovery lab. The staff will keep tabs on what’s new to be able to bring fresh ideas to its clients’ ad campaigns, customer relations services and more.  

“[The producer] of a long-running show might say, ‘I hear that fans are creating all these worlds on Roblox; help us understand what the opportunities there could be, ’” Yagecic mentioned. “We can [then] go away plus say, ‘We’ve spent some time thinking deeply about the [Roblox] Metaverse and we have some opinions. Let all of us sit down and show you what we know plus have the conversation about what the right fit may be. Similarly with Web3 or NFTs . We want to be able to come to the table with a smart, informed opinion. ”

Hatch could then collaborate with other internal teams in order to build the use of new technologies into the campaign, but it won’t fall to the existing group that might be working on anything from media planning to social media strategy to artwork design.  

As a further example, Yagecic recalled a Broadway producer that wanted to create a community around their show that would last regarding decades — “similar to a U. K. football club, ” he said. “How do all of us use technology? How do we all set up the communication strategy to nurture a real long-term relationship? ” Yagecic remembered considering. “We brought together a team that will didn’t exist on paper to explore what it would take to think about that fan relationship intended for 10 years. It was kind of everyone’s extracurricular activity. ” Now, Emerge will become the team to handle these types of larger strategic projects.  

This program signals a shift in company mindset that will allow Situation in order to address extensive impact and longevity parallel to daily tasks. And, unlike some other strategy consultants, Situation has the personnel plus skills to implement strategies they suggest.  

In fact , Hatch has already worked with Roundabout and Bloomberg Philanthropies to develop the new ticketing operation known as Criterion.  

Roundabout, one of Situation’s longtime clients, offers its own season associated with programming plus regularly rents out the Broadway venues to commercial productions. Until recently, ticketing for rental shows might funnel through their website in order to an external ticket seller. Roundabout leaders wondered what would decide to try handle ticketing for  its houses firsthand. Roundabout asked Situation to “innovate around the user experience of buying a ticket to get a Broadway show, ” Yagecic said. The result of nine months of research and development is the new platform Criterion Ticketing.  

As the industry continues to shift, Hatch will end up being the hub to preempt and answer to that change.  

The particular Hatch team will can be found within the particular Studio segment of Scenario, which is headed by managing partner Jackie Lau.

Led by Yagecic, Hatch is beginning along with a team that includes technical lead Cyrus Collier, design supervisor Miles Morton and senior project manager Bill Rousseau. Yagecic states Situation intends to grow the cohort.

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