June 6, 2023

ARC has been tracking the digital transformation initiatives of companies by conducting surveys and analyses for the last 5-7 years. All this information offers been collated and the Top 25 global industrial digital transformation leaders, across multiple industries and geographies, have been identified.   ARC’s Industrial Digital Transformation Top twenty five report  highlights businesses that are successfully integrating electronic technology into all areas of business, fundamentally changing the particular way they operate plus deliver value to their customers.   Smart mining in Rio Tinto is truly transformative and earns it a place in the Top 25.  

The tidal wave of digital transformation has restructured global industrial operations. In the pandemic-affected world, digital change has moved beyond the “nice to have” boardroom jargon in order to a “must-have” imperative. Organizations were forced to adapt with agility and flexibility to this new normal and accelerate industrial innovation. Established practices and business models were disrupted plus destroyed, but destruction led to reconstruction and new ways to resolve challenges.  

Defining “digital transformation” is complex as it encompasses the particular gamut from technologies, processes, and collaboration across teams and geographies. ARC Advisory Group defines digital modification as: “The integration associated with digital technology into all areas of business, essentially changing the way companies operate and deliver value to customers. The organization is typically charged to innovate and improve across multiple dimensions such as digital/disruptive technologies, culture plus leadership, operational agility, workforce engagement, customer experience, environmental, social and governance, plus competitive performance. ”

This is the 25th in a series associated with blogs on the leaders in the digital alteration space.

Wise Mining from Rio Tinto is Truly Transformative

Rio Tinto’s Mine of the Future program aims in order to equip frontline employees along with intelligent tools that allow them to make decisions that improve overall performance based about contextual knowledge. Rio Tinto’s approach is multi-faceted, meshing Smart Mining at Rio Tinto together technologies, employees, and partners. The particular company has partnered with Caterpillar to supply and support mining machines, automation, plus enterprise technology systems. Automation augments the job of the particular human and creates opportunities for staff to develop their skills to support a digitally transformed company.

Fully integrated mine operation plus simulations systems fueled by digital twin technology and artificial intelligence combine data from actual processing plants with historical information. This gives the team in the field and at remote procedures centers the ability to access the same information plus make decisions in the fraction of time — sometimes a matter of minutes vs. hours or days. Business outcomes are measured through enhanced safety and productivity, which turns in to profits. Smart mining will be truly transformative, using information, autonomy, technologies to obtain enhanced safety and productivity while reducing costs.

Going Forward

The prevailing philosophy behind electronic transformation has been that this particular transformation naturally translates to success. ARC will continue its research in all areas related in order to digital change for better to learn more about what is usually working – and what isn’t – as companies pursue their own unique digital transformation activities. The Commercial Digital Change Top twenty five report will be published annually. With this being the particular first issue, your feedback is very important to investigate new approaches and measures to adjust our methodology, identify successful digital shift initiatives, plus help the industry as a whole digitally transform. To download the final report, please click here .

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