June 6, 2023

Identifying and overcoming challenges

The digital transformation strategy faced external and internal challenges.

Being in the alcohol industry in India is tricky. It is extremely volatile as it is affected by various market conditions, explained Anupam Bhatnagar, Partner, Technology Consulting, EY India . Companies must comply with very specific regulations, which change across states. The route to market is not static as it changes with the change in policy. As a result, the organization and its entire supply chain have to be ready to respond to any change. Moreover, manufacturing and distribution are expensive, forming the core costs for an alcohol company.

As the transformation cut across the organization within 28 markets in the particular country, an added challenge was understanding market exceptions and defining a process that would be uniform.  

AT THEY designed a multi-pronged approach. One part of the approach has been analyzing KPIs, data, plus processes to determine their function today versus what it needs to be inside the future. The scope of the transformation was large, touching all functions across the business.  

However , for typically the transformation in order to work, this organization’s employees had to be able to be in line with the goals. To achieve this, the company identified process champions. A governance framework was built to track and monitor processes. More than 250 employees were  upskilled so that the change proves effective for often the long term.

The cornerstones from the digital strategy were data, people, and technology, but the approach was for you to go step by step and team by group. It started with change in your finance function. The planning process was transformed with encouraging results. Automation led to high levels of adoption and efficacy, saving 500 man-days of planning processes. The supply chain operations underwent an end-to-end modification, from demand planning to logistics planning.  

The staggered approach associated with rolling out solutions in addition to working back using the stakeholders helped bring in changes that had been pragmatic and even would have the long-term impact.

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